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Our services help increase your visibility, reaching a broader audience.

If a business is not visible online, does it even exist?

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Publish Your Story, Build Your Brand! Dominate Your Market!

Increase Your Local Search Results! - Increase Your Leads!

Our Unique System gives you the capability to 10x your
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All our services are exclusive to our clients specific industry/location.


Increase and Dominate Your Market - Grow Your Business.

Includes all our featured services that creates a solid foundation needed to build your online presence.

We Create and Post Your Content to Social Media
We Manage your Reputation
We work behind the scenes on your Local SEO.

Website Design

Choose a Website Design for Your Business
Optimized and Fully Integrated
With Our Tools

Seology SMO

Post to multiple Social Media Accounts
Post from one location.

Local SEO

Put your business on the map.
Grow online visibility.

Video Syndication

Syndication and promote your videos to
Page one on Youtube.

ADA Compliance

Insure your website is ADA compliant
Protect your business

Get Emails - Get Leads

Collect Visitors Emails – Increase Your Leads
Increase your sales

Online Voice Mail

Have visitors leave a voice message
On your website(s), posts, etc…

Social Media Management

SMO – through campaigns and other
resources are all utilized.

Reputation Management

Manage and Monitor
Your Reviews and Campaigns

Local Business Package Includes:

Optimized Website
All 8 Services
Website Hosting

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Hire WebEdge and our expertise to do it for you.

Add Services as You Grow. Designed for your specific needs.

Integrated – efficiently developed – cutting edge!


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Webedge created Seology for one goal in mind - Bring creative designs and digital marketing through advanced technology to local businesses. We love what we do and at the end of the day - that dedication is what sets us apart.

We Are a Digital Marketing Agency

Our staff is made up of an excellent combination of unique perspectives – world-class expertise and diverse experiences. We hope our enthusiastic culture and entrepreneurial spirit inspire you.

We are focused on one thing – designing and developing impactful, advanced designs and technology that help our clients’ businesses grow. Our unique structure gives us the widest assortment of tools to take advantage of the opportunities to increase our clients market presence.


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If you are looking to increase you online marketing presence, Social Media, SEO, Youtube, Web Design & Optimization, Contact Integration then we can help:

  • Help you choose the right program for your needs
  • The”Must Do’s” for businesses – start building your on-line presence
  • Designed specifically for local businesses and individuals
  • User friendly website designs
  • Social Media, Content Management and Clickable Ad Design
  • Listing Management, Show up on Google, Voice Search, more …
  • Reputation Manager – increase and respond to reviews
  • Get Emails – get emails from website visitors(100 per month included)
  • Web (ADA) Compliance, Video Syndication and Online Voice Mail
  • Add to your marketing budget as you grow
  • Ask about how you can get discounts on services

Our Satisfied Customers

Client Testimonials

Eric M.
NRG - Bryan | O'Neil
St Paul, MN & Kingwood, TX

Initially you always doubt what someone’s performance will really be like, until you see the results. Webedge has improved our overall footprint with regard to Social Media, Branding and Marketing Efforts. We’ve seen a dramatic uptick in new website traffic and exposure, which in the end equates to more sales. We appreciate all the work you’ve done for us!

Liz M.
Boulder Images
Rosemount, MN

We were only getting about 600 visits a year and got only one lead, and that was at the home show. Within months are rankings shot up, 15 months later, over 13,000 visitors per month, and 1 to 5+ leads per day from our website and social media. We appreciate all the work they have done and continue to do to help us improve. One lead produced a $180,000 project.

Case Studies
Case Studies

Joe B.
Executive Mortgage Brokers | The O’Neil Group
St. Paul, MN

The mortgage business is highly competitive. We needed to do something, so we went with WebEdge Local Business Package, as they say it is, everything necessary to gain online presence in your area. It worked, that’s all I can say, we rank local and in some cases page 1 and the Social Media program is really cool. It’s only been a few months and as they said, it does take time, but it gives you credibility. In my business, one new client pays for the whole year. We are currently adding additional SEO services.

Robie K.
Aquatic Desgin and Services
Warrenton, Va

We had no idea on how to improve our Social Media and website traffic. Their program for Local Business was everything they said it was. We have seen improvements in our overall online activity and our business has seen steady growth. We really liked the fact it was affordable, hands on and that we have the ability to add more as needed.

Client Testimonials

John M.
The Modern Sportsman
Burnsville, MN

Last year I challenged them to rank my videos on youtube. To my surprise, within 24 hours all my videos were ranking on page 1 of youtube. Webedge also re-designed our website and social media. We look forward to adding more services as we grow.

Larry H.
Hail Fixers
Norman, OK

We were only getting about 600 visits a year and got only one lead, and that was at the home show. Within months are rankings shot up, were getting about 3 to 5 leads per week and now, 15 months later, over 13,000 visitors, and 3 to 4 leads per day. We appreciate all the work they have done and continue to do to help us improve. One lead produced a $180,000 project.

Case Studies

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