Website and associated properties. Design a series of mobile friendly websites and pages hosted on secured servers. Designed to work directly with specialized programs and software. Includes the following:

  • Website HTML Design
  • SEO on Designed HTML Sites - All Assets
  • Continuous Design and  Integration of Optimized Pages/Sites
  • Listing Management - Main Location
  • Video & Video Syndication (includes first 7 videos)
  • Video & Video Syndication (30% to 70% off on additional videos depending number of videos and type - call ahead)
  • 3 to 5 adjacent cities/locations/zip codes -  (based on total population of 150,000 to 200,000)  
  • Setup $1497 - Monthly - $997    


Increase local visibility. Local directory submissions and citations. Search Engine Listing Claiming &  Optimization. Our powerful solution handles real-time submissions to the most authoritative directories. We ensure local businesses are getting found by optimizing their listings for voice search on Alexa, Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Bixby.

  • Optimization: Increase local visibility.
  • Rank higher in organic local search result
  • Voice Search Readiness - Alexia , Siri, Google Now ...
  • Maintain ownership of all business listings
  • Track local performance

Visibility Report

The Modern Sportsman
Burnsville, MN

Visibility Report 

30 days later

The Modern Sportsman
Burnsville, MN

This client's voice search is now being picked up as far as 30 - 40 miles away.


Use of social media to increase market presence. Focused on specific market criteria using interactive chats - connecting directly to potential clients.

  • Post to multiple social media accounts
  • Post related articles and content
  • Post related images 
  • Post from one location
  • Setup - integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Weebly 
  • Setup - integrate WordPress blog - if you have one 
  • "Done For You" or "Do It Yourself" Posting


On site voicemail. Simply push “voicemail” and be directly connected to you and leave a voicemail. You then get an email with the voice message and contact information

  • Voice messages direct on any site - any page
  • Create different widgets for different sites
  •  No App installation needed
  • Sends you email notification - Stores leads 
  • Use on multiple sites - unlimited
  • Cloud based hosting - Manage your voicemail leads


Industry/location specific videos. Formatted for use on websites, YouTube channels and/or social media. Syndication and optimization of videos focused on specific market criteria. Increase market presence. Create your own videos or we can do it all.

  • Industry/location specific 
  • Linked to website, email, phone and/or social media
  • Syndication to YouTube and social media 
  • Increase market prescience 
  •  Increase optimization


Create ads focused on specific keywords and market criteria. Increase exposure and market presence.  We will promote you on web browsers and/or social media. Budget is set by client.

  • Ads distributed on web browsers
  • Focused on your specific industry
  • Focused on local business - based on city or zip code
  • Specified demographic targeting (must meet guidelines)
  • Leads are distributed via phone, SMS and/or email


Chat Bots focused on engaging visitors by using interactive chats - connecting directly to potential clients. Working for you 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 52 weeks a year.

  • Interacts with your site visitors
  • Gathers specific information
  • Quantifies the clients needs
  • Sends you notice
  • Use on multiple sites - unlimited
  • Cloud based hosting