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Facebook nearby places directory

Facebook has created a mobile directory similar to Yelp that shows users nearby restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, and anything else that a user might want right on their mobile device:

This is fast becoming THE go-to way for patrons to find restaurants, hair salons, bars, and many other ‘in the moment’ businesses. These are customers who are READY to walk in and do business, there is NO hotter prospect for a business owner!

We can setup and optimize your Facebook Business Page and Local Places

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Location based push notifications

A system that allows a business owner to reach out to people who are nearby their location with a special offer.

Anytime a customer is within range of an establishment, they see the establishment’s special offer right on top of their mobile newsfeed:

Imagine: A potential customer walks by your client’s shop… And instantly gets notified about a special offer.

The best part is unlike Facebook ads, this costs the biz owner NOTHING except a monthly fee to help create offers or they can do it themselves.

Along with local business check in – we can create and manage your offers and increase your engagement

Local business check-in

Like 4-square and yelp, Facebook has introduced a check-in system where customers can check into a location and share it with their friends.

When a customer checks in using the facebook app on their phone, they get subscribed to the business’s page, and recieve regular updates and promotions. This is the fastest way to turn every customers into a repeat customer, growing your client’s business. ( PLUS: When a customer checks-in, their Facebook friends see it on their news feed, providing social proof and free advertising for you client. )

Along with push notifications – we can create and manage your offers and increase your engagement



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Profile Picture
Set Timeline Cover
Enter Physical Location / Map Setup
Set Business Hours
Choose Business Category
Set Facebook Username
Enter Short Business Description
Create Content That Features Business Services
Enable “Show Map & Check-Ins On Page”
Offline Signage Present To Drive Check-ins

Client Facebook Page Is Optimized
Content Is Updated, And Optimized For Sharing
At Least One Event Is Scheduled Per Month
Enter Wi-Fi Ssid Broadcast Name (Settings > Place Tips)
Add A Custom Welcome Note (Settings > Place Tips)

Create Offer From Page
Enter Url Of Landing Page To Claim Offer
Choose An Offer Expiration Date
Include A Coupon Code
Set Terms, Conditions, Or Limits
Boost Offer


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Maintain or Change Facebook Business Page / Profile
Maintain or Change Featured Business Services
Maintain or Change  “Show Map & Check-Ins On Page”
Maintain or Change Offline Signage Present To Drive Check-ins
Increase Traffic
Increase Engagement
Increase Likes

Create Notifications of Special Offers
Change Offers per Your Request
No Fees by Facebook
Only Monthly Service

Customer Check-In Via Facebook App
Subscribes to Your Business Page
Send / Receive Regular Updates and Promotions
Check-Ins Sends a News Feed to Their Friends
Provides Social Proof – Free Advertising
Repeat Customers – New Customers
Grow Your Business


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